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Welcome Message

It is our pleasure to welcome you to IAP SEP 2014 Biennial Conference from October 28 to 30 in Beijing.
The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) is a global network of the world's 107 science academies. One of IAP’s priority agenda since the beginning of this century is the Science Education Programme (SEP) under the direction of the IAP SEP Global Council. The most important event of the IAP SEP is the Biennial IAP SEP Conference. This year’s conference is no exception and will bring together 100 delegates from around the globe to discuss the latest advances in this vibrant and constantly evolving field.
With the theme “Challenges and Opportunities of Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE)/Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education”, IAP SEP 2014 Biennial Conference aims to share best practices in the application of IBSE in technology education, review and update recent developments on IBSE and assessment, examine the relation between IBSE and development, and emphasize the role of outreach programs in developing a science literate society.
Being held in Beijing, this IAP SEP Biennial Conference also provides a precious opportunity for Chinese scientists, educators, researchers and policy makers to discuss with their colleagues and counterparts over the globe on the opportunities and challenges of future science education and propose possible measures and solutions; to learn from successful science education and communication campaigns initiated by scientists, non-profit organizations and enterprises outside China; to build up cooperative relationship with leading experts and institutes in relevant areas to further explore and develop through collective efforts; and to employ the concepts, programs and other achievements of this academic event into the real practice to further promote science education and literacy program in China.
In addition to the stimulating program of the conference, Beijing, with its tourist attractions, the diversity and quality of its cuisine, and world-class facilities, is an unforgettable place to visit. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you get a chance to explore Beijing, and enjoy the classic and vibrant atmosphere of the Capital of China.
Thank you for your support of science education, and wish you a pleasant experience in Beijing and IAP SEP 2014 Biennial Conference 

Dr. Cheng Donghong                                                  Dato’ Ir. (Dr.) Lee Yee Cheong
Vice-President of CAST                                               Academy of Sciences Malaysia
Chair, IAP SEP 2014 Biennial Conference                  Chairman, IAP SEP Governing Council 
                                                                                    Chairman, Governing Board
                                                                                    UNESCO International Science Technology
                                                                                    and Innovation Centre